2012 - Present

Flt. Lt. Hall

On the first parade night of the new year, Thursday 5th January 2012, our new O/C officially joined us. Flt. Lt. Hall came to us from Kirkby Squadron. Sergeant Richard Walsh was made 2 I/C.
2011 - 2012

Flt Lt. Paul O’Connor and Flt Lt. Lisa O’Shaunessy

Paul O’Connor continued to command the squadron till September 2011 before taking a break from duties. At the Squadron Dining-in night, held that year, in the Huyton Civic Suite, Paul stood down as C/O of 1913 and handed over to Flt. Lt. Lisa O’Shaunessy (C/O of 1966 Wavertree Sqn.), who was going to take over as caretaker C/O, till a new O/C was appointed.

70th Birthday

2011 marked the 70th Anniversary of the Air Training Corps and also the 70th Birthday of 1913 Squadron.

65th Anniversary of the Air Training Corps

2006 marked the 65th Anniversary of the Air Training Corps and also the 65th Birthday of 1913 Squadron, among others that were also formed in 1941.
1987 - 2003

Flt Lt. Dave Griffiths

In 1987 newly promoted to Flt. Lt., Dave Griffiths took over as O/C 1913 and commanded the squadron for 26 years when, upon his promotion to Squadron Leader in 2003, he handed command of the squadron over to Flg.Off. Paul O’Connor who was in turn promoted to Flight Lieutenant.
1980 - 1987

Flt Lt. Brian Foster

Flt. Lt. Eccleshall commanded the squadron till the and of 1980 before stepping down and handing over command to Flt. Lt. Brian Foster who command the squadron till 1987 (although details are a bit sketchy)

Flg. Off. Ted Eccleshall

A change of command took place at the end of 1977 when Flg. Off. Ted Eccleshall (who at the time was the Adj), took over as O/C and was promoted to Flight Lieutenant. Fred Doyle stayed on strength in a supporting role.

Baron House

The name Baron House was derived from Sqn. Ldr. Les Baron, who was on the Wing Staff as Wing Sports Officer in the 60’s, and not as first thought from Frank Baron the first Officer Commanding 1913 Sqn. It became the last squadron in West Lancashire Wing to have its own H.Q.

Move to Knotty Ash

With a new, purpose built hut being erected on a site in Thomas Lane, Knotty Ash, the squadron had its last parade night at Grant Road School on the 25th May 1972. The new hut was a ‘Spooner’ hut which was designed to last for 7 years! But is still standing today. After 31 years, the squadron moved from Dovecot to Knotty Ash. Flt. Lt. Doyle initiated the change of name to 1913 (Knotty Ash) Squadron. His suggestion was that they be named according to their location. This suggestion was agreed by Wing HQ and was promptly copied by other Liverpool squadrons.
1958 - 1971

Flt Lt. George D’Arcy and Flt Lt. Fred Doyle

It’s believed that his Adjudant, Flg. Off. Bill Raine, became caretaker C.O. when Ron Morris stepped down in mid-1958, and he commanded the squadron till the end of that year when Flt.Lt. George D’Arcy took over as Officer Commanding. It is known that he had Flg.Off. Bill Raine as his Adj, plus three other officers (Flg.Off. Ron Plumb, Flg.Off. Bill McKenzie and Plt.Off. Roger Matherson), as part of his staff. This was the status up till the end of 1968, when command of the squadron was passed to Flt.Lt.Bernie Conway who only commanded the squadron for twelve months before ‘passing the baton’ to Flt. Lt. Fred Doyle in 1971
1951 - 1953

Flt Lt. Fred Brownbill and Flt Lt. Ron Morris

The command was passed to Flt.Lt. Fred Brownbill in 1951, and he commanded the squadron for two years before handing over to Flt Lt. Ron Morris (who had been a serving officer with 161 ‘Special Duties’ Squadron till the end of the war), in 1953.


It appears that the squadron, when it first formed in 1941, was known as 1913 (8th City of Liverpool) Squadron, and was based at Grant Road Primary School, Dovecot and initially had for its base, the old air raid shelter in the school grounds. The squadron’s first commanding officer was Frank Baron. But nothing is known of any other staff members at that period.

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