Civilian Committee

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Committee Chairman: Mr. Malcolm Bowstead.
Committee Treasurer: Mr. Dud Gibbs.
Committee Secretary: Mrs Christine Nurse.

Committees make a vital contribution to widening the scope of training beyond the officially financed and supported stated aims of the Air Cadet Organisation.

The corps has responsibilities to the community in which a squadron or detached flight is located and the civilian committees provide a two-way link to help each other.

Each Air Cadet squadron is required to have a civilian committee which should, ideally include representation from the local RAF Association and organisations such as the Local Education Authority, Police, Fire Service and others concerned with youth and citizen training together with parents of current and former cadets and members of the local community.

In fact, without a properly functioning committee the squadron cannot operate. The committee deal with a number of matters, importantly the administration of public and non-public funds. the Treasurer, who cannot be a member of staff and the other members of the committee ensure the accounts are maintained to standards imposed by the Air Cadet Organisation and the Charity Commission.

The Committee has a statutory role designed to give help and support to the commanding officer, manage the finances and deal with matters of welfare. It has a wide ranging remit which can include the provision of practical help to the staff and support for the cadets with the non-curricular activities of the squadron.

Like all of todays properly established youth organisations, the Air Cadet Organisation has to meet certain legal requirements for the safety and well being of the cadets. A varied membership of the committee allows for a wider perspective of its role and is a helpful means of raising awareness of any matters of concern so the necessary enquiry and solutions can be found.

Our committee meets regularly - usually every two months - and in addition to undertaking it's constitutional role, our members often participate in the social aspects of Squadron Life.

Membership is well recognised as a rewarding and worthwhile way of helping the cadets enjoy all that the Air Training Corps has to offer.

We welcome expressions of interest and joining the Committee is a simple process which can be arranged by contacting us through the website.

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